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Hey y'all! I'm back :)

As you may have noticed, I've had to switch from Lean Green Mama to Lean Green Mom. There were apparently some copyright issues with using "Green Mama" so I've made the switch. Some of my links aren't working properly and the blog is kinda looking a hot mess since I had to change my name, but they'll be up soon and it'll be pretty again, I promise (must get IT guy, aka, The Hubs on it).

The end of the year was CRAZY! Nursing school finals, Thanksgiving trip to New Jersey, Nugget's birthday (check back for that post), and Christmas all took up so much time, but I've had an awesome last few months.

Nugget had his first airplane trip to New Jersey for Thanksgiving. It was bad, but not as bad as expected. He rode as a lap child since he was just a few days shy of being 2. We lucked out that the seat next to us was empty so he ended up with his own seat there and back.

The candy binge begins

Hubs family bought this giant turkey just for him
He also ended up having his first trip to the ER. He fell and hit right next to his eye on the coffee table. He handled the whole thing incredibly well and I was calmer than the nurses. I fear this will be the first of many ER trips for him.
Poor sweet boy :(
Christmas was awesome. Nugget got enough, but not too much stuff from Santa. We are now officially Lego'd out. This kid has so many Legos I have no idea where to put them all. We still have 2 boxes that we haven't opened.

Santa came!
Christmas dinner was amazing! I went all out - center cut beef tenderloin, roasted sweet potatoes, bacon Brussels sprouts, apple-sausage stuffing, and garlic mashed potatoes. Everything turned out delicious and I wasn't a complete slave in the kitchen all day.

Christmas tree cheese tray

I'm so glad working banquets taught me how to set a table
One of the reasons I'm able to have some time to update my blog is because I'm on a school hiatus. I ran out of financial aid and life was just getting to be rough. No one was very happy the last 6 months and I took the lack of money for school as a blessing in disguise. I haven't been this happy in the last 2 years as I have been the last 2 weeks and I'm ready to be a stay at home mom again :)

Happy New Year, everyone!

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  1. Yay welcome back! I know how crazy things get with school- I could even have dreamed of blogging while I was finishing my BA last year. I still have a year old penal letter to send because I'm so bad!