Ketogenic Diet

I wanted to give y'all a more in depth run down of my ketogenic diet.

Normally, your body utilizes glucose (from carbohydrates) for energy. When you no longer have a supply of glucose, your body produces ketones. The body makes ketones during fat metabolism and uses them for energy (instead of carbs as it normally would). So essentially, your body is using dietary fat (and stored fat if you're burning off more than you're eating) to fuel your body.

On a keto diet, I eat around 30g of net carbs per day (carb grams - fiber grams = net carbs). The rest of my diet consists of a high amount of fat and a moderate amount of protein. Macro wise it breaks down to 70% fat, 25% protein, 5% carbs. The first few days took some getting used to. I had just gotten off of a continuous carb binge from Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. So. Many. Cookies. However, given that I love fat, that made the carb-less transition a little easier.

I try to stick to around 1,600 calories a day and I try to eat back most of my exercise calories so I don't slow down my metabolism (I usually burn around 500-600 at the gym, so it works out to eating 2,100 calories or so). Here's what my typical day of food looks like:

Some sort of eggs and bacon. I try to make them ahead of time in a muffin pan so I just pop them in the microwave and they're good to go.

I have protein powder after I leave the gym.

Usually some sort of cheese and chicken filled casserole.

Half of an avocado, 1/4 cup walnuts

I'll also make some fried Mexian cheese after my snack because it's absolutely heavenly and I need the calories!

I've been having a lot of fun with dinners lately. I made "calzones" using almond flour, a bacon & cheddar soup with a cauliflower base (kinda like potato soup), and even a Reuben casserole which was AMAZING!
Italian sausage and pepper "calzone"
Rueben casserole...words and pictures do it no justice
Occasionally I'll have some calorie wiggle room after dinner. Monday night I made homemade chocolate whipped cream and topped with berries. It was delish :)

To some people this diet seems all sorts of crazy, but it works for me and has worked for others. In a few month I will more than likely be adding carb cycling to my diet and then I think I may die happy from eating all of the tasty food. Despite being on this diet, I still eat clean. I'm not buying any pre-packaged, strange ingredient filled food. It's all real food and it's real tasty :)

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  1. All of this is making my mouth water! Could you move here and be my nutritionist/ cook? And do you do personal training? I'll take some of that too, hahaha. Keep up the good work mama!