Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Nugget Turns 2

I can't believe my sweet boy is 2! Crazy how time flies.

He's super obsessed with The Mouse...you know, since they hang out every weekend at his house (aka WDW). I decided to do a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed birthday party.

I made the invitations and the birthday banner with my Silhouette Cameo. I was stoked with how cute the invites turned out...and I'm neurotic enough to have hot glued real buttons on each one :)

I ordered his shirt from Beyond Baskets on Etsy. It was perfect for his party and the weather was in the 70's the sleeve length was great.

I did a hot dignity dog hot dog bar as well as a watermelon fruit bowl, veggie tray, cheese tray (Mickey shaped cheese from Walmart, FTW!), and of course, a Chik-fil-a nugget tray. In our group of friends, you can't have a party without one of these trays.

Notice the plates as buttons on the table cloth...party OCD :) Sorry this picture is so dark, but you get the idea
I decided to do cupcakes this year and went with yellow cake, chocolate icing, and Oreos on top. I was, again, neurotic and glued buttons onto the cupcake wrappers. I can't help myself - these tiny details make me happy.

I even put white stickers on the red cups to look like Mickey's pants...

Danielle, you so crazy! :)

and on the favor bags...along with ears :)

The two hardest things to craft/make for his party were the wreath and the rice crispy treats.

I was satisfied, but not happy with the wreath. It is not easy to attach the ears on the top part and wrap it without it looking a little sloppy, but it turned out cute and I got lots of compliments on it.

These crispy treats were kind of a PITA, but totally worth it. I got a Mickey cookie cutter, mushed the crispy treat in when it was still warm and then froze them. Afterwards I melted chocolate and dipped the treats and inserted the sticks. They went back in the freezer and then put into little baggies.

The kids LOVED them and were so excited to get these giant treats in their bags.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Nugget!


  1. I love al the pictures! I might have to use some of your ideas for the Disney party I'm supposed to throw. That wreath especially is super cute!