Weigh in Wednesday: Moving on Down

Weigh In Wednesday

Last week I did really well. I did my 4 day weight routine, added in some days with HIIT workouts, and even ran 2 miles without stopping and/or dying. Leg day was insane - it was my first one ever and my legs honestly hurt for 3 days. THREE DAYS! It was good and bad...I guess I now "get" leg day.

My eating was on point for the most part. I made sure to stay on target with my macros almost everyday. There a few times I ate out and since those meals were fairly carb heavy and high in calories, I planned ahead by eating a very light protein heavy breakfast and dinner (and by light, I'm talking about some egg whites).

I wasn't sure what the scale was going to say this week. I was hopeful for a pound (since I've planned my calories/macros to help me lose a pound per week) and was not disappointed with my number :)

SW: 193.4
CW: 191.6
-1.8 this week

Holla! Almost 2 lbs was pretty exciting for me. I'm feeling really good and like I can do this. This week I've got another 4 days of weights, HIITs thrown in as well and I have plans to run again tonight with my neighbor. 

Speaking of running - still debating on registering for another half. I told my husband I would never do another long run again, but it's only $40 and for a great local cause. The problem is, after my last 5k my body felt wrecked - like hip pain and could hardly walk. I've gotta get back into regular running to see how I feel before signing up, but I feel it calling to me :)


  1. Yay! Go you :) Dylan is always asking about your running. Glad to see you back at it....and I could Google, but what is HIIT? (And try some yoga hip openers before and after the run! I could give you some asanas to try :)

  2. Fantastic loss! I can just imagine the pain of leg day! I see funny pictures about it all the time.