Weigh in Wednesday: Water Retention?

I've been KILLING it this last week with diet and exercise. I did my 4 days of weight training, did a little bit of running, and some HIIT workouts. I was able to do so much more this week than I thought I'd be doing 2 weeks ago. I'm slowly able to lift a little more and do more reps. I (strangely) enjoy the sore feeling I have the next day after working out.

My diet has been great too. I've been right on target with my macros every day. When we do our one meal out on the weekend, I balance it out the rest of the day. So if it's a carb heavy meal, I eat lighter the rest of the day and make it low carb, high protein. The only downfall I find with eating based on macros is getting such a high protein intake in. I know protein is important when weight training and I'm only doing 1g per lean body mass, but I find myself eating a lot of lunch meat to get it all in.

Lunch meat = salt = possible water retention?

I'm going to tell myself I'm holding water to feel better because I was not thrilled with my weigh in today.

Last week: 191.6
This week: 192.8
Up 1.2 lbs

Womp, womp

I know it's not always encouraged to weigh in when weight training, but I feel like the scale helps keep me accountable (and I like keeping up with all of my Weigh in Wednesday friends). I can't say my clothes have been fitting a whole lot better either to use that as a non-scale victory, so I guess I'm feeling a little bummed out. Hopefully next week I'll see a scale change. I know muscle weighs more than fat, but I'd like some (most) of my body fat to take a hike. 

Here's to next week!


  1. I mean...I know I am no expert but the days I work out hard ("hard" for me, lol) I seem to weigh the same or up a pound for the next several days. Then all of a sudden, I am down a few! I think at least for me, I retain water. Boo. Great job, chickie!

  2. Ughh, that number is SUCH a mind game! Have you tried taking your measurements along with your weight? You are ROCKING it on the workouts so even though the scale isn't moving as much as you'd like, remember that you're taking AMAZING care of it by getting your workouts in. The scale will catch up eventually!

  3. Salt salt salt, and water intake!! It'll get ya!!